Jumat, 05 Agustus 2011

NEW POP NEW WORLD @ Element Art Space - Singapore

We are pleased to present you our latest group exhibition New Pop New World, featuring the works of eight established and young contemporary artists from Indonesia and Singapore:

Lee Wen / Eddie Hara / Vincent Leow / Agan Harahap / David Chan / Arief Tousiga / :Phunk Studio / Wisnu Auri

One of the most influential genres in the concept and development of contemporary visual arts, pop art’s impact as an interdisciplinary visual language, with globalisation and the advent of information technology, has resulted in a sharing of creative influence that has extended across graphic design, video art, graffiti culture, new media art and photography.

New Pop New World explores the new terms and categories that impact the interconnected global visual art world in a collaborative exhibition of 24 artworks, ranging from paintings to digital prints. Reflecting a change in visual trends influenced by popular culture in Indonesia and Singapore’s contemporary art scenes, the artists explore themes

New Pop New World
New Pop New World @ Sbin Artplus


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MICA Building
Singapore 179369
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