Rabu, 29 Januari 2014

SUPERHEROS @ Meyrin Culture Galerie, Geneva. Switzerland

Tuesday night, the opening of the exhibition SUPERHEROS , welcomed the visitors to the Forum Meyrin . The works exhibited were designed by a dozen exhibitors: Installation François Burland (ch) & collages , Marvellini Brothers ( i) , old photographs retouched , Vincent Cavaroc (en ) What's your superpower ? sound installation , Grégoire Guillemin (fr), The Secret Life Of Heroes , paintings, Agan Harahap ( Indonesia ), Super Hero, photomontages , David Lloyd ( gb ), V for Vendetta , illustrations, Dulce Pinzón ( mexico ) , True stories superhero , photographs, Ségolène Romier (ch ) Lavomatix , installation and Freeka Tet (fr), Metamorph , interactive installation.Appeared in the world of American comics in the early forties, superheroes are now ubiquitous in our real world.For ten years , Hollywood devotes a growing number of (super) productions, the public response to the appeal . Therefore , television series psycho- socio- cultural analyzes , through derivatives and countless advertising uses superheroes remember almost daily our good memories . They accompany generations of fans by addressing universal challenges and support contemporary causes.Through bd boards , interactive installations , works of artists and photographers , the exhibition offers a kaleidoscopic , entertaining and multidisciplinary portrait of the modern myths that are super heroes .The exhibition continues until 28 February 2014 at the Forum Meyrin .

All photos from Demir SONMEZ