Selasa, 04 Juni 2013


They said, that humans are the most highest rank of all other creatures on earth. 
Human with all of their superiority can do anything and act upon all things in this earth.
The relationship between humans and animals has been going on since a long lone time. Besides the 'primitive' relationship as the use of animals to be both energy consumption and meat, employer-pets, etc., animals are often used as a symbol of social status in life or human.
Animals are hunted, killed on the basis of hobbies and preferences, and preserved to be a killer display of a symbol of superiority.

This project tries to give physically respond and  'tribute' to the animals that have been killed and preserved to become a symbol of social status in humans

* This is my artwork for Harpers Bazaar 13th Anniversary Edition

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  1. agak kasian juga sih ngeliatnya @_@
    tetapi kadang seni itu memang ekstrim